Toshiba Mini SMMS - Commercial VRF

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Toshiba Mini SMMS - Commercial VRF

Toshiba VRF systems are well suited for variable load applications, as their design is based on inverter technology which adapts the speed of the variable-speed compressor to the varying thermal loads in a building. Ideal for complex requirements for large commercial and residential applications like Hotels & Condominiums, Shopping centres and Offices.

Conventional VRF systems use the standard compressor configuration: one inverter-driven compressor and one fixed-speed. Toshiba VRF MiNi-SMMS & SMMS use dual DC Twin-Rotary compressors to deliver the capacity to each fan coil, allowing the load distribution to be optimised to achieve individualized comfort control whilst reducing energy consumption.

Toshiba Mini SMMS

• Non-ozone depleting refrigerant Puron®
• DC twin rotary compressor
• COP values up to 4.61 (4HP unit)
• Compact shape (Height 1,340/ Width 900/ Depth 320)
• Light weight (117 kg)
• 13 different styles of indoor units

Power Supply
220/1/50Hz & 220/1/60Hz

Capacities of Condensing units:
4 HP 12.1 kW Can be connected to a max of 6 indoor units
5 HP 14.0 kW Can be connected to a max of 8 indoor units
5 HP 15.5 kW Can be connected to a max of 9 indoor units

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